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Diabetes Report

Diabetescoverfinal.jpg - largeFull Report Title

Bittersweet Findings of Blood Glucose Levels in 467, 955 Patients in Primary Care 

Principle Investigator

Associate Professor Melinda Carrington

Research Team

  • Associate Professor Neale Cohen
  • Professor Simon Stewart
  • Dr. Tracey Gerber

Funding Source

Sanofi Australia Pty Ltd provided funding for this study. This company was not involved in the design, collection, analysis or interpretation of the data, but they were given the opportunity to review this Report prior to publication.

Main Objective of Diabetes Report

The main objective was to examine trends in blood glucose levels and the prescription of hypoglycaemic treatment.


The Diabetes Report provides current data on the pattern of surveillance of blood glucose monitoring and management of diabetes over 9 years, in turn offering important clinical and public health messages for health professionals and the general public.


Full Diabetes Report

Please follow the link below for a copy of the full Diabetes Report: