The Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease focuses on improving the heart health and outcomes of groups and communities i.e. Regional Australians, Indigenous Australians and International Health

Doctor Yasmin Ahamed

Dr. Yasmin Ahamed is an early career Post-Doctoral Researcher within the Centre for Research Excellence to

Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease at the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research under the direction of Professor

Simon Stewart. Yasmin has attained Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology and a Master of Science in Orthopaedics

(both from the University of British Columbia, Canada. In 2014, she completed her PhD with the Department of Physiotherapy, University of Melbourne under the supervisor of Professor Kim Bennell & Associate Professor Christina Bryant (University of Melbourne), Professor Francis Keefe (Duke University), and Associate Professor Michael Hunt (University of British Columbia).


Her PhD was a multi-site, multidisciplinary, randomised controlled trial which examined the efficacy of a strengthening exercises and pain coping skills intervention in reducing pain, and improving physical function along with a variety of psychosocial outcomes in those with painful knee osteoarthritis. Yasmin has experience in the development and management of clinical trials, and in working with a variety of cohorts from pediatrics to the frail elderly. Her research interests lie in development of self-management strategies for chronic conditions, and health-behaviour change interventions.


Yasmin is involved in designing and implementing interventions that focus on optimising the management of multimoribidity in chronic heart disease. 

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