The Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease focuses on improving the heart health and outcomes of groups and communities i.e. Regional Australians, Indigenous Australians and International Health

International Advisory Board

Terms of Reference

International Advisory Board


1.       Title


The name of the Committee shall be International Advisory Board


2.       Purpose


To provide a consultative forum that can effectively benchmark the research program and translational outcomes arising from the (NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease) collaboration against international standards of health services research.


3.        Membership


A quorum of members must be present before a meeting can proceed. At least the Chairperson (Professor Karen Sliwa), 2 international research representatives (including Professor Harlan Krumholz where possible) and 1 NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease Investigator representative must be present for the meeting to proceed.


Internal or external persons may be invited to attend the meetings at the request of the Chairperson on behalf of the committee to provide advice and assistance where necessary. They may be requested to leave the meeting at any time by the Chairperson.


Advice to the Executive Committee (in respect to current and future research activities) will be made by consensus.


4.       Vacant Positions


There are no vacant positions to be filled.


5.       Chairperson


The Chairperson is Professor Karen Sliwa. Responsibilities include:



Scheduling annual (teleconference) meetings and notifying committee members;


Inviting specialists to attend meetings when required by the committee;


Guiding the meeting according to the agenda and time available;


Ensuring all discussion items end with a decision, action or definitive outcome; and


Review and approve the draft minutes before distribution


6.         Minute Taker Secretary

The minute taker is the CRE co-ordinator. The role of the minute taker is to:



Prepare agendas and issuing notices for meetings, and ensuring all necessary documents requiring discussion or comment are attached to the agenda.


Distributing the Agenda one week prior to the meeting.


Taking notes of proceedings and preparing minutes of meeting.


Distributing the minutes to all committee members one week after the meeting and be made available to all (NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease) investigators.


The minutes shall be checked by the Chairperson and accepted by committee members as a true and accurate record at the commencement of the next meeting.


7.         Duration of Meetings


Meetings shall be held annually for a period of approximately 1 hour at a mutually agreed upon time by the Chairperson based on availability.


8.         Functions


The functions of the International Advisory Board are:



To advise the Executive Committee on international best practice in respect to health services research focussing on inequalities in heart disease.


Review current research programs undertaken by the CRE collaborators relative to international standards of excellence.


Review outputs relative to the stated mission and objectives of the CRE.


Provide advice on future international opportunities for collaboration and capacity building.


Identify new areas of research to be undertaken by the CRE collaborators.


9.         Amendments


The terms of reference shall be reviewed annually from the date of approval. They may be altered to meet the current needs of all committee members, by agreement of the majority of representatives.