The Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease focuses on improving the heart health and outcomes of groups and communities i.e. Regional Australians, Indigenous Australians and International Health

Mr. Andre Rodrigues

André Leao Rodrigues began his academic career at Monash University, Melbourne in 2009 where he completed a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in Human Physiology. He joined the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute as an Honour student in 2012 under the supervision of Prof David Dunstan, Prof Bronwyn Kingwell and Prof Neville Owen, expanding his knowledge of cardio-metabolic diseases, with a focus on the physiological derangements associated with physical inactivity.


Andre is currently a PhD candidate with Monash University under the supervision of A/Prof Melinda Carrington, Prof Simon Stewart, A/Prof Chantal Ski and Prof Ralf Schwarzer, where he is exploring the psychological determinants of health behaviours and cardiovascular health outcomes as part of the Pre-Clinical Disease and Prevention group at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute.  


While his predominant academic interest is to further elucidate the pathways and barriers to positive health behaviour change and reducing CVD risk, André is also the Research Officer within Monash Ultrasound for Women, a subsidiary of Monash IVF Group, assisting the Medical Director, A/Prof. Fabricio Da Silva Costa in investigating the long-term cardiovascular risks associated with pregnancy complications, namely pre-eclampsia.

Andre is a PhD candidate researcher on Scholarship with the Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease.

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