The Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease focuses on improving the heart health and outcomes of groups and communities i.e. Regional Australians, Indigenous Australians and International Health

Translational Outcomes Committee

Terms of Reference

Translational Outcomes Committee 



1.         Title

The name of the Committee shall be Translational Outcomes Committee.


2.         Purpose

To provide strong, consistent and pro-active governance, guide researchers, and review the process of integrated knowledge translation and exchange across the life of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease collaboration. Specifically:

  • To identify opportunities to address inequalities in heart disease, and ensure these are the basis for the CRE platforms.
  • To guide and oversee engagement of CRE researchers with the appropriate stakeholders early in, and throughout, the life of the research to facilitate understanding, engagement, dialogue and exchange in a positive and respectful manner.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of an agenda of research translation into policy and practice.


3.         Membership


A quorum of members must be present before a meeting can proceed. Fifty per cent of members constitutes a quorum.  At least one (NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease) Investigator representative must be present for the meeting to proceed.

3.2 Internal or external persons may be invited to attend the meetings at the request of the Chairperson on behalf of the committee to provide expert opinion or for a particular purpose as needed. They have no voting rights and may be requested to leave the meeting at any time by the Chairperson.
3.3 Decisions will be made by consensus.



4.         Vacant Positions

One vacant position for a spokesperson will be filled on an annual basis until the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease has expired.


5.         Chairperson

The co-Chairs are Professor Nigel Stocks and Professor Alex Brown. The role of the co-Chairs is:


To provide leadership for integrated knowledge translation activities across the CRE platforms;

5.2 To ensure any information from (NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease) Investigators required by the Committee is provided in a timely and appropriate manner;
5.3 To schedule meetings and notifying committee members;
5.4 To invite internal or external persons to attend meetings when required by the committee;
5.5 To guide the meeting according to the agenda and time available;
5.6 To ensure all discussion items end with a decision, action or definitive outcome; and,
5.7 To review and approve the draft minutes before distribution



6.         Minute Taker Secretary

The minute taker is Katharine Brown, Junior Researcher employed under the CRE. The role of the minute taker is to:


Prepare agendas and issue notices for meetings, and ensure all necessary documents requiring discussion or comment are attached to the agenda;

6.2 Distribute the Agenda one week prior to the meeting;
6.3 Take notes of proceedings and preparing minutes of meeting; and,
6.4 Distribute the minutes to all committee members one week after the meeting and make available to all (NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence to Reduce Inequality in Heart Disease) Investigators;
6.5 The minutes shall be checked by the Chairs and accepted by committee members as a true and accurate record at the commencement of the next meeting.


7.         Duration of Meetings

Meetings shall be held biannually for a period of approximately 1 hour at a mutually agreed upon time by the Chairperson based on availability. A special or extraordinary meeting may be called by any committee member.


8.         Functions

The functions of the Translational Outcomes Committee are:


To oversee the establishment of collaborative agreements between researchers and policy and health service partners;

8.2 To create a forum for stakeholders to inform, guide and prioritise future CRE research and training activities;
8.3 To ensure for all new projects of the CRE, that within each project, community and health services are critical to shaping the research agenda and prioritisation process of research activities;
8.4 To oversee and review the development and implementation of a project specific engagement and translation plan for each new project undertaken, to ensure that it facilitates translation of project findings into clinical practice and/or health service development;
8.5 To ensure that there is investment in relationships within and between research, health services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, regional, national and international communities, decision making forums and the broader health system(s);
8.6 To inform promotional activities of the CRE.



9.         Amendments

The terms of reference shall be reviewed annually from the date of approval. They may be altered to meet the current needs of all committee members, by agreement of the majority of representatives.